Dracula by Steven Dietz  
Clear Creek Community Theatre 18091 Upper Bay Rd, Nassau Bay 77058
Directed by Michelle Robinson

All the suspense and seduction of Bram Stoker’s classic novel comes to the stage. As Count Dracula begins to exert his will upon the residents of London, they try to piece together the clues of his appearances—in a valiant attempt to save themselves from a hideous fate.


Jonathan Harker ~ Mina’s fiancé, a solicitor, Jonathan is Mina’s fiancé. He is made a prisoner by Dracula and encounters the Bride of Dracula.

Abraham Van Helsing ~  is an educated professor. He is heroic and intelligent.

Dracula ~  is a Count from Transylvania. He is handsome and sophisticated, but also, of course, a vampire.

Mina ~ is Harken’s fiancée. She is middle class and a reasonable young woman

Lucy ~  is a friend of Mina’s who is upperclass. She is outgoing and vivacious.

Dr. John Seward ~  is Lucy’s suitor and also the head of an insane asylum.

Renfield ~  is emaciated looking and delusional. He Is a madman at the lunatic asylum overseen by Seward. He is delusional enough to eat living creatures in hopes of obtaining their life force.

Attendant ~ The attendant should be youthful and plays various roles including waiter and usually male Vixen.

Vixens ~ The vixens are thin and athletic. They play various roles including maid and female attendants. They appear with lots of stage blood and often are scantily clad.



“Clear Creek has a great depth of talent in its acting pool and it’s always good to see all roles, large and small, performed to a high standard.”

Shannon Caldwell , The Galveston Daily News

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