Philadelphia Story

 Audition Information

Written by  Philip Barry

Performances May 20 – June 5,  2015


Actors are still needed for the following roles:

  • C.K. Dexter Haven
  • Sandy Lord
  • Mike Connor
  • Thomas the butler

Please email the director at: for more information.  Now, here are the show details.

A wealthy socialite sees her second wedding disrupted by her ex-husband and a nosy reporter and photographer.  This Broadway hit starred Katharine Hepburn as Tracy Lord, of the Philadelphia Lords, a headstrong and spoiled daughter of the privileged. Divorced from C.K. Dexter Haven, she is engaged to a successful young snob. A society weekly sends a reporter and female photographer to cover the wedding arrangements. Tracy finds herself growing interested in the reporter Mike Connor, and following the pre-wedding bash, they take a moonlight swim and are then surprised by Dexter and the fiancé. The following morning her intended smugly forgives her, enraging Tracy, who breaks off the engagement. Connor offers to marry her, but she turns him down and remarries Dexter, the real love of her life, after all.

The Philadelphia Story premiered at the Shubert Theatre in New York on March 28, 1939.

C A S T   L I S T

  • Tracy Lord – Older daughter of the Lord Family.  Ex-wife of C. K. Dexter Haven and fiancée to George Kittredge.  Female, mid-20s
  • K. Dexter Haven –Wealthy member of Philadelphia’s upper society. Ex-husband of Tracy Lord. Designs and pilots sailboats.  Male, late 20s (role still available)
  • George Kittredge – Fiancé to Tracy Lord.  General Manager of a coal mining operation, he is “new” money, having worked up from miner to current position.  Male, early 30s
  • Macaulay (Mike) Connor – Writer for Destiny Magazine.  Assigned to cover the Kittredge-Lord Wedding against his wishes. Male, early 30s (role still available)
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie – Well-known photographer for Destiny Magazine.  She is assigned to work with Mike Connor covering the Kittredge-Lord Wedding.  Female, late 20s
  • Dinah Lord – Younger daughter of the Lord Family.  Intelligent and witty, she still likes C.K. Dexter Haven as opposed to Tracy’s new fiancé, George.  Female, mid-teens
  • Margaret Lord – Matriarch of the Lord Family.  Estranged from her husband, Seth Lord.  Anxious to protect the family’s name.  Female, mid-to-late 40s
  • Alexander (Sandy) Lord – Son of Margaret and Seth Lord.  Works for The Saturday Evening Post.  Made a deal with Destiny Magazine’s editor to delay a scandalous story about his father, Seth.  Male, mid-20s (role still available)
  • Seth Lord – Patriarch of the Lord Family.  Estranged from his wife and living in New York City.  He is rumored to be keeping a mistress, a famous Broadway dancer.  Male, late 40s, early 50s
  • William (Uncle Willy) Tracy – Margaret Lord’s older brother.  He fancies himself a ladies’ man.  Enjoys more than the occasional drink.  Male, late 50s, early 60s
  • Thomas – Head butler of the Lord Estate,  Male, 40s to 60s (role still available)
  • Mac – Night watchman for the Lord Estate,  Male, early 30s
  • Elsie – Maid to the Lord Family Female, 20s to 40s
  • May – Maid to the Lord Family, Female, 20s to 40s
  • Edward – Servant to the Lord Family Male, 20s to 40s

  Also needed:

  • Crew members – if you’re interested being a part of this hilarious show but are more of a “behind the scenes” type person, feel free to drop by auditions and talk to us.

Please invite anyone who you think may be interested in auditioning, all are welcome!

 Clear Creek Community Theatre 18091 Upper Bay Road Nassau Bay, TX 77058


“Clear Creek has a great depth of talent in its acting pool and it’s always good to see all roles, large and small, performed to a high standard.”

Shannon Caldwell , The Galveston Daily News

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