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Auditions Sunday and Monday November 23rd and 24th at 7 PM
Performances January 16 – February 1, 2015
Roles for 8 men and 5 women

After Simon leaves his fiancée Jacqueline to marry heiress Kay Ridgeway, Jacqueline plots revenge and follows the couple on their honeymoon down the Nile. When Kay ends up dead, murder is the only answer, and Jacqueline is the only suspect…or so it seems.  For also aboard are a motley group of passengers who are all revealed to have mysterious connections to Kay and her fortune. Once again the Queen of Mystery has developed an ingenious plot that will keep audiences guessing until the very end!

Character List

  • Bead sellers # 1 and # 2 – aggressive, street vendors
  • Steward  - always smiling and amiable understands about ¼ of what passengers say to him
  • Miss Helen ffoliot-ffoulkes  -  snobbish and bad tempered
  • Christina Grant- nice, sensible girl, Miss ffoliot-foulkes niece
  • William Smith – rather slovenly in appearance but well spoken, don’t judge the book by the cover
  • Louise – Kay’s French maid
  • Dr. Bessner –   physician from small European country
  • Kay (Ridgeway) Mostyn -a beautiful woman with an assured manner of one born to command
  • Simon Mostyn – good looking, good tempered man with a simple, hearty manner, Kay’s husband
  • Canon Ambrose Pennefather – an imposing cleric; Kay’s guardian/advisor
  • Jacqueline de Severac – half French with a Latin temper, Kay’s friend, formerly engaged to Simon
  • McNaught – the ship’s manager

Auditions will consist of cold readings and some character improvisation

Questions contact director Aprille Meek  –


“Clear Creek has a great depth of talent in its acting pool and it’s always good to see all roles, large and small, performed to a high standard.”

Shannon Caldwell , The Galveston Daily News

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